I'm looking for place to live on Phoenix, my husband is student, 3 kids, quiet, safe 1000 rent pls help?
Yupi Yupi
2006-05-25 10:05:40 UTC
My husband is going to Argosy University so we need a quiet, safe, nice and afforable place to live near or 20 miles from his school. I hope you can help us to find the best place for our family. Thank you a lot
Four answers:
2006-05-26 19:19:17 UTC
I also have never heard of that school. I used to live about 10 minutes away from Metro Center and anything around the Metro Center area is pretty bad. You should consider NOT living in the areas of 19th Ave - 7th Ave and Peoria - Camelback. Try living in the area of Central and Dunlap to Camelback or more west.
2006-05-25 16:16:50 UTC
I agree, that is not a safe area to live. Either look east/northest of there, or about 9 miles north up the I-17 freeway. I used to live west of I-17 off of Pinnacle Peak road, and it was a very nice quiet area.
2016-10-30 03:52:14 UTC
Goodyear is outstanding and is definitely certainly one of the up and coming cities in the Valley. Palm Valley has extra costly housing and little crime. in basic terms the conventional automobile breakins which you get everywhere in the Vallye in case you go away your automobile out of the storage in one day. that's all new progression and we are going to be getting a mall, extra shops and eating places in the subsequent 2 years.
2006-05-25 13:45:43 UTC
i have not heard of that school...but looking online, i see it now, but still doesnt ring a bell and i driven in that area before. that area is near metro center its not a safe area...i recommend living east of there (east of the 51) and you should be ok

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