Where could we go in Arizona that is less populated but has things to do and a very nice hotel?
2006-01-26 07:58:55 UTC
Where could we go in Arizona that is less populated but has things to do and a very nice hotel?
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2006-01-26 08:26:47 UTC
I just got back yesterday from Sedona. It's low season so not many people there, great hiking (easy or difficult, whatever you prefer), lots of art galleries to wander in and out of, lots of good restaurants to try. Everyone is talking about Enchantment to stay - it's nice (we went for sunset and a drink in the bar) but out of the way against a beautiful mountain in Boynton canyon. We stayed at the equally nice l'Auberge du Sedona and it was AWSOME! Great location along the river in the Oak Creek Canyon. They have a package running now for $255 per night includes a nice breakfast and a Garden Cabin room. This room is a free standing cabin, wood burning fire place, french country decor, very comfortable. Really good places to eat in Sedona - El Portal, Dahl & DiLuca, L'auberge restaurant, Silver Saddle Room in the Cowboy club.

I suggest a drive north to the Grand Canyon if you have time. Only about 3 hours from Sedona and it's low season there too so it's easy to find a spot to stay (El Tovar or Bright Angel Lodge are both good....not fancy but they work). You'll need warm clothes including mittens but it's worth the trip for 1 night.

You can't go wrong with this trip at this time of year! Enjoy.
2006-01-27 01:01:26 UTC
I am not absolutely certain about a hotel right in town ,but Tucson is not real far away.. Try Tombstone, we went there for our first real vacation, staying in a small motel there, which was actually pretty nice, but the tourist trap that the town is is Fantastic. If you are into western history,this is a definite place to visit and the locals are some of the nicest people on earth. Enough so that we are still trying to figure out how we could move and live there that is how much we loved it..
2006-01-30 16:25:46 UTC
Sedona is fairly small and very scenic but very expensive. As for things to do, well shopping and dining and driving to view the Red Rocks would be the principal activities. There are many very nice resorts and places to stay but $$$.

If you are younger and like a Universit environment I would suggest Tempe (home of ASU) in the East Valley.

Flagstaff is pretty and it is about 1.25 hours by car south of Grand Canyon (South Rim)and there are many motels but not that many hotels. Very busy in the summer. Not that much to do but a pleasant community.

If you want a quality moutain experience in a very small and remote part of the state try the Red Sutter Inn, which I believe is in Greer. Greer is a very small place but it is at 8,000 ft. and it is quite pretty.
2006-01-30 13:17:39 UTC
Sedona (about 2.5 hours North of Phoenix), the weather is great and you can go hiking, have a picnic, go on Pink Jeep tours, helicopter tours, fishing, horseback riding or go sightseeing. There is a gorgeous resort there called L'Auberge and it's absolutely beautiful and most rooms face the creek. It's peaceful and nice. Hope this helps.
2006-01-27 16:47:44 UTC
try flagstaff its nice and close to the grand caynon.its $20 a car load for 7 days to go see it
2006-01-26 08:02:45 UTC
i live in scottsdale but its pretty pricey to stay in a hotel, but if you don't mind, north scottsdale has a lot of beautiful hotels, the princess to name one. mesa would be a second option, with lots to do including two major malls to visit.
2006-01-26 10:07:26 UTC
sedona, tempe, scottsdale, flagstaff

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