For those familiar with Phoenix, how is the public transportation in Phoenix and in the metro area?
2006-04-20 13:52:53 UTC
Are their trains? Are the taxis very expensive? Do the buses run all of the time?
Three answers:
2006-04-20 14:08:16 UTC
Public transportation in Phoenix sucks. You would think it would have a good system because it us so big and overpopulated, but I have to be honest. They are working on the lightrail system, so a lot of the major roads close to downtown are under construction, which contributes to the congestion of traffic. There are no trains, the bus system is very easy to work mainly because Phoenix is so easy to navigate. The buses run more often now, most of the popular routes run every 15 minutes starting at 5 in the morning and ending 1 or 2 in the morning. Check out to find the bus shedules and maps.
2006-04-21 06:17:15 UTC
Very Very Very Bad! There aren't any trains. Yes taxis are expensive (I've heard). I've been told that if you take a bus, add like 2 hours to your trip each way.

I recommend you get a car.
2006-04-21 18:16:26 UTC
Transportation is bad. Most bus lines run once an hour andd stop operating around 10pm

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