Are there ghost towns to see in Arizona?
2006-04-20 05:18:51 UTC
Are there ghost towns to see in Arizona?
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2006-04-20 20:06:30 UTC
Depends on what you call a 'Ghost Town'. Bisbee and Tombstone (south of Tucson), Jerome (near Cottonwood), Crown King (near Prescott) and Oatman and Chloride (near Kingman) are all old west mining towns with historic buildings, but are still inhabited (and do a booming tourist business for much of the year). Bisbee in particular has become very popular with artists and retires.

True ghost towns (ie: all or mostly abandoned) are all over the place, but most have little more than faint outlines or a few walls and not the rows of standing buildings often seen on TV. A few of the better true ghost towns are:

- Sasco, (my nickname) an old smelter town near Pichacho Peak north of Tucson that still has a lot of smelter ruins.

- Swansea, copper mining town with many building remains located in the middle of nowhere near Parker.

- Vulture, a gold mining town (now tourist attraction) near Wickenburg

- Ruby, copper and lead mine south of Tucson (access only by permission of property owners).

- Charleston, mill town on San Pedro River near Tucson. Many shells of adobe walls still hidden in underbrush.
2016-10-15 10:23:44 UTC
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2006-04-20 12:52:01 UTC
Yes, there are! My father gave me a book about AZ ghost towns when I moved here but, I unfortunately never really read it much and can't find it now to give you any names.
2006-04-20 09:43:55 UTC
i went to jerome coz it was mentioned on travel channel as one of the haunted towns in america. anyways, in jerome, theres a hotel that used to be a hospital during war times. alot of people died in there. but to go into the hotel, you need to be a guest. check it out, pretty creepy
2006-04-20 23:18:32 UTC
Yes several. The first one that comes to mind is Jerome.
Nutter Butter
2006-04-20 06:40:35 UTC
Try Lutrell and Lochiel.
2006-04-20 05:31:34 UTC
Yes, several.
2006-04-20 09:50:45 UTC
there's a few best known one's in:



crown king



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