24 year-old daughter& 2 yr. old grandson visiting family in Mesa& Tempe ,Az. nxt week for one week ,wht to d
2006-04-01 11:27:16 UTC
What can they do that won't cost them alot of money to do?
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2006-04-01 18:27:06 UTC
Both answers before mine were great - spending time with you should be enough ... but if not, the Scottsdale Railroad Park is a great place to go to. You can also go to Tempe Town Lake and most weekends they have festivals going on that range from free admission to $10 a person. If there isn't an event going on, still go and ride the paddle boats or have a picnic out by the lake - the weather has been great to us! You can also drive up to Sedona for the day and check out Red Rock Country - go hiking or have a picnic. If you go to they always have fun and exciting activities going on throughout the week and into the weekend which again, are free or a minimal charge. Have fun with your family!
2006-04-01 21:19:32 UTC
Cruise out to Canyon Lake.. A quick drive down the superstition freeway to Idaho road exit turn North and Head for an easy but scenic drive through the turns heading to the Canyon lake. If you proceed far enough arouind the Lake you will come out at Roosevelt lake. Along the way the road turns to dirt after you pass canyon lake and some of the Canyon views are great. Some spots have you on the edge of shear cliffs with a view like the roadrunner cartoons. you can expect it to be an all day trip if you make the full loop around the lake. Heres a Link to a map of it.
2006-04-06 20:02:34 UTC
The zoo is also fun (phoenix/tempe) and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, there is also an IMAX theatre there(@Arizona Mills), and there are storytimes at most of the libraries around there.
2006-04-01 11:31:58 UTC
Best thought - they can visit with you =) That is what is important, don't ya think? You can take walks, visit parks nearby, go to grocery store together (that is $ you would have spent anyway), etc. It should be OK, just being there for them is the best thing you can do!
2006-04-01 12:59:54 UTC
Railroad park in Scottsdale is fun! My 2 year old loves going there.

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