Relocating to Phoenix Area?
2006-03-21 09:07:00 UTC
Looking for a good neighborhood to seach for rental homes in the Phoenix area 20-30 miles outside out there would be ideal. We have 2 kids, so a good school district is important to us. Please don't direct me to a link for school reports, they list our current school district (which is terrible) as one of the best in our state.
Five answers:
2006-03-29 07:31:37 UTC
I was thinking Glendale. I worked in the Superior Court in Phoenix for 5 years and there seemed to be a better feeling associated with that area of town. Gilbert is nice, too :)

The Federal prison is south of Phoenix going towards Tuscon. I lived on South Central Avenue for a while and hated it. East Thomas wasn't much better. If I had it to do over, I'd definitely move farther out from Phoenix.
2006-03-24 21:06:58 UTC
I did research on the west side school districts. We chose either Deer Valley or Peoria. Both very similarly rated. We just liked Glendale (just over the Peoria border) better. My son will go to Peoria District schools when it's time.

Oh I should probably mention, I went to Peoria District schools. I also did some volunteer work at both Peoria and Deer Valley schools. I highly recommend both of them.
2006-03-23 20:56:46 UTC
Gilbert is a pretty good area, is a little pricier than most areas, but well worth it. East Mesa is also good. And despite it's trailer park reputation Apache Junction would also be a good choice, beautiful, upscale homes going up there. These are all 20-40 minutes from downtown Phx.
2006-03-24 19:17:36 UTC
I dated a guy who had 2 kids in middle school and high school in the Tempe area. They went to school year round and had some pretty cool vacation times. I lived in the Chandler area and really liked it, but can't tell you anything about the school districts.
2006-03-23 19:48:49 UTC
i have no real data to back this up, but surprise is a nice place to live around what you are describing, but a bit far from downtown (like an hour north west) and peoria seems to have nice schools, but a bit older and crowded. other wise, check deer vally (north phoenix) newer schools, donno about homes.

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